PCP News Delhi (Spl Corres) 10 May 2020 :China is bound to lose its World-Market resulting collapse of the economy that is expected to give rise to public unrest in that country. This will compel the Communist Regime to use brutal force to quell that unrest. International pressure is bound to play its most important role Economically & Strenuously. Especially, in the South China Sea. Where Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand & Japan supported by Super Powers may challenge China’s claim on disputed islands. The suppressed groups of different origins in mainland China will try their best to gain power again. Now it is sure that the outbreak of Corona Virus is originated from Wuhan during the Chinese New Year Celebration in December 2019. China tried it’s best to conceal the outbreak of the pandemic from the world, resulting in its spread in more than 20 countries of the World. At the moment It is not important to discuss whether Corona Virus is deliberately made to escape from the Wuhan Lab or its escape was an accident.

According to the latest reports, India stands for 59,479 corona positive cases as of today with the death figure touching 1,976. The global number of positive patients has touched the figure of 40,12,837 with 276,216 fatalities being confirmed worldwide. The world superpower the USA has lost over 70,000 lives so far. New York, the number one city of the world has become the epicenter of the COVID-19 in the USA. Ironically there is no room for the coffins. The other Super Power, UK lost more than 20 K of its citizens in this pandemic attack. The condition in other European countries of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Iran is worsening day by day. The whole Word has come to a standstill. The economy has shattered. Oil prices have hit the bottom and even below.

USA has declared Corona pandemic as worse than the Pearl Harbor attack of 1945 and the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. The World has witnessed “Cow Boy Justice”. This resulted in a dropping in ‘Little Boy’ followed by ‘Fat Man’, and ruins of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia etc. The disintegration of the mighty Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall under economic pressure are recent evidence. USA has announced sanctions against China & other countries are following the USA in isolating China. The World may impose a Heavy Comparation on China. The hurting of religious feeling will play Oil in Fire against ‘Nastik’ China. This will lead to polarization of the 100 plus countries against China, North Korea, and Pakistan.

Chinese Mongols / Manchurian / Muslims etc. groups in China are likely to rise in revolt against the Communist regime. There is also a possibility of Taiwan, and Tibet playing an important role in this balkanization of China. To make the situation worst, North Korea under its Puppet Dictator is bound to react on its Master’s instructions. The overweight Dictator is not a horse of the long run. His fall may result in the unification of Korea on German Way. The weakest ally Pakistan is swift to part in Sindh (under MQM + PPP), Punjab (under Muslim League Nawaz), Baluchistan (under Baloch Army), and Northwest Frontier (Pakhtoon Freedom Army). Since Russia is itself a great sufferer may also be interested in getting suitable Compassion from China. PCP/IDN/DJ 14 15

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